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At a rally on March 3rd, 2023, we launched our DIRE campaign, demanding that Brown DIssociates from fossil fuels and REspect communities in Rhode Island. 

Since launching our campaign, we have received over 1,200 undergraduate signatures in support of dissociation and the endorsements of 48 organizations across the world. Read our report, our endorsements, and our updates below!!

Dissociate from fossil fuels.
Reinvest in Rhode Island. 


Prohibit fossil fuel companies, their affiliated foundations, and industry groups from funding research and donating to the university.


Adopt a fossil fuel-free careers policy that bans fossil fuel companies from hosting recruiting events and attending career fairs, posting job vacancies, sponsoring events, and otherwise advertising to students through Brown.


Require all retirement plan vendors to offer fossil-free retirement plan options.



On February 27th, we released Dissociate Now: A Fossil Free Brown, which outlines how Brown is entangled with the fossil fuel industry and the case for severing its ties.


Our Network of Support

48 organizations from San Diego to Amsterdam have endorsed our demand for Brown to dissociate from the fossil fuel industry!

  • Students for Educational Equity (SEE)

  •  Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP)

  •  Decolonization at Brown (DAB)

  •  Brown Urban Mobility Project? (BUMP)

  •  Farmlink @ Brown

  •  Resource Generation @ Brown

  •  Students Against Koch Influence

  • Sustainable Business Society

  • Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS)

  • Student Labor Alliance (SLA)

  • Brown Renewable Energy and Sustainability Society

  • HOPE

  • Scholars at Brown for Climate Action (SBCA)

  • Climate Action Rhode Island (CARI) 

  •  Sunrise Gallatin Valley

  • Divest Princeton 


  • Fossil Free Northwestern 

  • Sunrise LA Youth (SLAY) 

  • XR Youth Cambridge

  • Stanford True School For Sustainability

  • Green Action WashU

  • Sunrise PVD

  • Fossil Free Research 

  • Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard

  • Cambridge Climate Justice

  • E-Town Sunrise

  •  Climate Justice UofT

  • UvA Rebellion (Amsterdam)

  • Climate Justice UBC

  • Sunrise American University

  • UC Green New Deal Coalition

  • Green New Deal UC San Diego

  • Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard Alumni

  • Exeter Shell Out

  • Sunrise GW

  •  Climate Justice Cornell

  •  Duke Climate Coalition

  • Sunrise NYU 

  • Sunrise Dartmouth 

  • End Fossil Leiden University & TU Delft 

  • Tufts Climate Action

  • Divest Vanderbilt

  • Fossil Free Penn 

  • Sunrise Athens 

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