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November 3-5
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

This November, college students from across the northeast interested in climate activism are invited to participate in the College Climate Gathering to rekindle our movement and build collective power.

Attendees will participate in skills-based, student-led organizing workshops, attend talks and panels with experienced academics and environmental justice advocates, and build community with like-minded students from different campuses. Learn more and sign up below, and...

Why CCG?

What will the CCG look like?

Who's Organizing the CCG?

Following a loss in on-campus activism during the COVID shutdown, students on college campuses are starting to rebuild the on-campus organizing scene. Unfortunately, many campuses experienced a loss of institutional knowledge when previous leaders graduated. This gathering serves to fill this gap and start something new. By forging new connections across campuses, we will build a movement that is able to challenge the norms that keep universities complicit in the climate crisis.

The College Climate Gathering is a two-night gathering hosted on Brown’s campus for college students interested in climate organizing. Participants will engage in a series of skills-based workshops led by other students, attend talks and panels by older advocates and academics, connect with other interested students from different campuses, and bring a greater sense of community and purpose to the college climate movement.

We are bringing more than 160 students from at least 30 different colleges and universities around the Northeast to the gathering. While we are emphasizing individuals from existing campus climate and justice-oriented groups, we are also hoping to host individuals from schools that have no existing on-campus climate organization.

Attendees will develop leadership skills, learn how to confront environmental racism in their communities, and build storytelling and narrative techniques. Throughout the event, attendees will build community and relationships with other students passionate about combating climate change and environmental injustice.


  • Narrative-Building and Storytelling

  • Building an Anti-Racist Movement

  • Leadership Development

  • Power Mapping and Campaign Research

  • Class Privilege & Activism

  • Building and Sustaining a College Group

  • Advancing a Campaign

  • Inclusive Leadership Skills


  • Confronting Environmental Racism

  • Mobilizing the Ivory Tower: The Role of the University in Driving Social Change
  • Bridging the Gap Between On-Campus and Off-Campus Activism

CCG organizers are from...

  • American University

  • Brown University

  • City University of New York

  • Princeton University

  • Rhode Island College

  • University of Toronto

CCG registrants are from... and more!

  • American University

  • Boston University

  • Brandeis University

  • Brown University

  • Carnegie Mellon University

  • CUNY Baruch College

  • CUNY City College of New York

  • CUNY Hunter College

  • Columbia University

  • Dartmouth College

  • Duke University

  • Harvard University

  • Ithaca College

  • McMaster University

  • New York University

  • The Ohio State University

  • Olin College

  • Penn State University

  • Princeton University

  • Providence College

  • Queen's University

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Rhode Island College

  • Rhode Island School of Design

  • Rutgers University

While Sunrise Brown is hosting the event, students from across the Northeast have been planning the CCG for months. Some of our groups are affiliated with national groups like the Sunrise Movement, many aren't. Some students have years of climate organizing experience, others are new. Together, we're building a new, more equitable climate movement.

  • Skidmore College
  • Smith College

  • SUNY Binghamton University

  • SUNY Stony Brook University

  • SUNY Westchester Community College

  • The Julliard School

  • Tufts University

  • University of Albany

  • University of Connecticut

  • University of Maine

  • University of Maryland

  • University of North Carolina

  • University of Ottawa

  • University of Pennsylvania

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • University of Rhode Island

  • University of Toronto

  • University of Virginia

  • University of Western Ontario

  • Wesleyan University

  • Yale University

How do I register?

Registration has closed for the College Climate Gathering. If you filled out an interest form, please stay tuned for emails and texts from us about final registration, transportation, and housing.

CCG organizers would like to thank the following Brown University institutes and centers for their support: 

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
Cogut Institute for the Humanities
The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

The Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship
The Swearer Center
The Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies
The Department of History

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