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Sunrise Brown's Principles

Given that every community is different, each Sunrise “hub” has their own approach to their community’s environmental problems. At Sunrise Brown, we recognize the unique position we are in as students at a powerful and highly influential academic institution. Therefore, we are working to address environmental issues at Brown with the hopes that other academic institutions may follow suit. We also work to address these issues in Providence and beyond, though we recognize that we are visitors to this community. As such, we aim to support local activists and community members without speaking over them or inappropriately inserting ourselves. Most importantly, we make sure to do all of this through a justice-oriented lens.

Sunrise Brown's Theory of Change


The fossil fuel industry and those complicit in its actions have continued to drive environmental destruction, the impacts of which disproportionately fall on historically marginalized groups. It is for the protection of people and planet that we must fight for effective climate action and environmental justice.


Sunrise is a youth-led movement. Being that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, we hope to inspire today’s young people to take action and facilitate necessary progress.


Through protests, demonstrations, meetings, and more, we hope to direct attention to those in power (e.g. Brown’s administration, local and state government, etc.), applying pressure and making it increasingly difficult to remain complicit in climate destruction and environmental injustice. We also hope that these actions educate and empower young people, shaping the future’s leaders in the process.

Task Forces!

Any Brown or RISD student can join any task force at any point in the year! Each task force has regular weekly meeting times in the Urban Environmental Lab (UEL) Room #101. Reach out to task force leads with questions about joining!

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