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Updated: Jul 16, 2023

In response to Brown University’s social and financial ties to the fossil fuel industry, Sunrise Brown launches the DIRE campaign urging the University to sever these ties and reinvest in Providence.

Providence, RI - In light of Brown University’s ongoing relationship with various fossil fuel companies and their affiliated organizations, Sunrise Brown has launched the DIRE campaign to Dissociate from fossil fuels and Reinvest in Providence, with the release of their report and a following rally. The report, titled “Dissociate Now // A Fossil Free Brown”, was produced by Sunrise Brown members and was released on Monday, February 27th. It reveals the University’s friendly relationships with the fossil fuel industry, including grants given to the University and research involving University faculty that was funded by fossil fuel organizations. The launch rally will be held on the Brown University Main Green at 12 pm on Friday, March 3rd. There will be speeches, music, and art-making surrounding the campaign and its goals.

Through DIRE, Sunrise Brown is urging the University to: prohibit fossil fuel-funded research; prohibit on-campus recruitment by the fossil fuel industry; and refuse retirement fund services that do not offer a fossil-free option. “By maintaining their ties to the fossil fuel industry, Brown offers the industry a social license to operate,” says Caitlyn Carpenter, co-lead of Sunrise Brown’s University task force. “It stands in direct contrast to the University’s supposed commitment to sustainability.”

While Brown University has divested its endowment from the fossil fuel industry, they still maintain affiliations to the industry in different ways. According to Sunrise Brown’s report, Brown-affiliated researchers have published at least 63 journal articles with funding from the world’s 50 largest oil and gas companies since 2010. Additionally, Brown received over $20 million from fossil fuel- and climate denial-associated foundations between 2003 and 2019. Engaging with these organizations legitimizes their greenwashing efforts and allows them to continue to expand their environmentally destructive operations. It is time for Brown to live up to its own commitments and cease their enabling of the climate crisis.

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