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Protesting ExxonMobil

In our first ever action, 70 students disrupted an ExxonMobil recruiting event.

Providence, RI - On Tuesday, October 11, at 12:01 p.m., student protestors interrupted an ExxonMobil recruitment event to call attention to the company's failure to prevent climate change. Hub coordinator Isaac Slevin '25 led protestors into the conference room, chanting "No more coal! No more oil! Keep the carbon in the soil!". He then delivered a speech calling out ExxonMobil for its hypocrisy and effect on the environment.

While the recruitment event made an attempt to emphasize the company's low-carbon energy sources, only 0.16% of its expenditures in 2021 were actually made to low-carbon investments. Furthermore, just 6 months ago, Exxon spent $10 billion on a brand new oil extraction project in Guyana. Since 1977, Exxon has known that burning fossil fuels will dangerously raise the Earth’s temperature. Instead of acting in the world’s best interest, it has systematically lied to discredit science and science-based policy. Exxon spent $690,000 on climate change disinformation groups in 2019 alone, contributing to their total of $37 million spent on these groups since 1997.

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Photos from the event are below.

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